Download a copy of POEMS FROM THE WINDOW  a short sequence of poems written during lockdown when I have probably been spending too much time looking out the window.


Print  Publications 2020/21

Sanatorium: A poem about my mother's time in a TB Sanatorium was published in the Anthology  Glasgow: City of History, Seahorse Press, 2020 ed. Linda Jackson

Prologue: Inspired by  Edwin Morgan's Scrapbooks was included in the Edwin Morgan Centenary Collection, Speculative Books, 2020, ed Colin Herd

5 new poems were included in new Scottish Magazine Dreich  issue #7  lin July

The Failure Bailer  a magazine that celebrates all our failures published Revision in Issue #3, out in August.

Tryst: A short sequence of  almost love poems will be  published  Jan 2021 a a MicroChapbook by Nightingale and Sparrow Press.