I also write articles and web content. Here are a few examples of previous work:

Sustainable Brands
I write regularly for Sustainable Brands. I recently interviewed  Nicolas Guichou, Chief Program Officer at the Marine Stewardship Council to discuss the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic on sustainable fishing.   

War History Online
One of my first writing jobs was with Timera Media for their website War History Online. Not really my favourite subject but there were some great human stories. Not all guns and tanks. This one was about protest songs from 1939 - 1969 

The Vintage News
I also wrote for their sister site The Vintage news. I loved this story about a street photographer Chris Porz, recreating photographs he had taken 30 years before

Okay, and there was also one about the  most expensive pizza in the world....

If you are looking for interviews, research, articles or other web content, use the contact page to get in touch.

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